Our Lakes

There are seven coarse fishing lakes at Sandwich Coarse Fishery with a large range of specimen fish.

Matches and fishing lessons can be arranged by contacting our fishery manager Kevin Killeen.

Also see our lake chart and site layout diagram

Victory Lake*

Main specimen lake, 2 acres in size inter-spaced with interesting island features with reeds and lilies abounding in the margins. Stocked with Commons and Mirrors to 35lb including a mixed bag of Ghost Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd and Perch.

Night fishing by prior booking available

  • Mirrors to 36lb
  • Commons to 25lb
  • Albino grass to 23lb
  • Ghost to 16lb
  • Roach to 2lb
  • Perch to 4lb
  • Rudd to 2lb

Trafalgar Lake*

This is our newest Lake Onsite. Designed as a specimen Lake with depths to 12ft with good average depths of 6ft to 8ft. The lake has a single offset island which allows for more open water fishing.

The Lake has been stocked with 50 plus Carp from 14lb to 25lb including a special mirror which has a number of orange strips across its flank known as the tiger! This is one of only 3 of these in the u.k at present.

Most of the Carp stocked are mirrors including some pretty fully scaled and plated varieties including some large commons.

There are 10 gravelled swims which allow all year round access and comfort which are large enough to allow bivvies and overnight fishing.

Trafalgar Lake is booking only.

* Additional Victory/Trafalgar Lakes – rules

  • Large padded unhooking mat or cradle
  • 42 inch landing net
  • 12lb minimum line
  • No fixed leads
  • No leaders of any kind

Please also note that swims on Victory and Trafalgar are limited and we advise that you book your session in advance. These bookings will be payable at the time of booking* .by ringing the fishery. This will assist us to manage the availability on the lakes. If you have not booked then we advise you contact the fishery before arriving to avoid disappointment.

* If you do need to cancel your booking in advance please contact us so we can issue you with a voucher to the value of your initial booking.

Match Lakes: Damson & Victoria

1 acre in size each, these lakes are designed specifically for the match angler, having shallow margins with reeds for summer fishing and a deep drop-off for light feeder work and winter fishing. Stocked with Carp-12lb, Bream-11lb 2oz, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Bonus Tench. We believe these are the most uniquely designed match lakes in Kent!

  • Carp to 18lb
  • F1 s. to 3lb
  • Bream to 8lb
  • Tench to 4lb
  • Roach to 2lb
  • Rudd to 1lb
  • Perch to 2lb
  • Crucians to 1lb 8oz
Lake diagram

Lake diagram

Meadow Lake

At 1 acre in size and with 8 marked pegs and traditional grass bank fishing. Stocked heavily with Scaly Mirror and Common Carp to 5lb. This lake also holds large perch and roach – you’ll be sure to catch!

  • Mirrors & commons to 14lb
  • Koi to 8lb
  • Bream to 3lb
  • Roach to 2lb
  • Perch to 1lb
  • Goldfish to 2lb
  • Golden Orfe to 2lb



Kingfisher Lake

This pond is 0.6 acres and heavily stocked with Commons and Mirrors to 10lb, ideal for bagging. All eight swims are wheelchair friendly with excellent access direct from the car park, a bridge from Kingfisher allows easy access to the Victory Lake.

  • Mirrors & Commons to 12lb
  • Perch to 2lb
  • Roach to 1lb
  • Rudd to 1lb

Berry Lake

Berry lake is 1 acre in size. Stocked with 3000 f1s mirrors common roach Rudd perch and some large bream. Float and pellet tactics work well on this lake. Also in the summer months surface sport on mixer produces well

  • Mirrors & commons to 12lb
  • F1 s. to 3lb
  • Roach to 1lb
  • Perch to 1lb
  • Rudd to 1lb
  • Bream to 3lb